The Author


I was born in Petropavlovsk - Kamchatsky.

The date of my burth is the 21st of February, 1950.

I am the Tiger burnt under the constellation of Fish.

I believe God, but I am not pious.

I like to read and to study. I am very fond of travelling.


My profession is the librarian. But my hobby was and is journalism.As it happened eighteen years ago I had to choose the way of my life. I didn't know WHAT to do and HOW to live.As I am the Tiger I began to look for the way to overcome the difficulties. And God saved me and helped me to understand my veritable mission. It was the OMEN that the first book which I had found was the very old book "Chiromancy". I began reading that book, found some interesting pictures with hands and lines on them. I examined my own hands and I found the signs of all awful events in my life.

That was the MOMENT.

I found my veritable way in this life - Chiromancy.

My one and only teachers were books, my own knowledge of life, patience and perseverance, huge thirst of knowledge.

It is impossible to teach this science, you can only learn this science with the help of the hard school of life.

You can see the imprint of my hand. I tried to show the signs which predetermined my future life with Cheirology. 

1. The triangle on the knoll of Saturn - the sign of Cheirology.

2. The quadrangle on the knoll of Jupiter - the sign of the Teacher.

3. Some vertical parallel lines on the knoll of Mercury - the sign of altruism.

So, as a result, I understood my mission which gave me an opportunity to help people

see their own life in proper perspective and made them assume the responsibility for every their step, every action, every thought.