1. The line of Life

2. The line of Head (Mind)

3.The line of Heart
4. The line of Fate


The break of Headline
Good hands - shortcoming of the concentration of mind, attention, self-control.
Hands of capricious and nervous people - illness.


The line of mind begins its way with negative Mars.

A man is aggressive, a kind of a trouble-maker, but at the same time the man is evasive, artful and cunning.



Bifurcate Headline.
Good hand - scaled estimation of the situation from different positions.

Bad hand - the sign of the liar.



The break of Lifeline.


Life is under the threat of sudden illness or accident.


The line of Heart begins its way with the line of Head.

Feelings are under the control of the mind.



The break of the Heartline and the star on it.
The heart attack or death because of it.


The line of Fate.
A man will have riches and fame.


The line of Fate is broken and winding.
Failure, misfortune, disappointment, the break with friends and relations.


Lines and signs which lead to money.


Wisdom, excellent imagination, intuition.


The line of Head is the dotted one.

Poor memory, headache, the lack of mental energy.

Indecision and inconstancy.



The line of Mind begins its way from the knoll of Jupiter.
Strong intellect, aspiration for power, prestige, ability of clever control with people.


The line of Head turns to the line of Heart.
A man lives with passion, inclined to the commitment of a crime.


Unpracticality, kindness, dreaminess.


The line of Head falls to the knoll of the Moon and finishes in the star.
Long-term mental derangement or madness.


The line of Heart leads to the knoll of Jupiter and finishes in three branches.
Great loving heart, a man lives not for himself.



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