Really FREE of charge!

1.You can take my advice if you feel that something is wrong in the lines on your hands.

For example: wrong, non-standard situation of main lines, the break or the lack of them, etc.

2.You can ask me any questions about the science of Cheirology, methods of teaching, my practical work.

3. You'll get my answer during 24 hours.


Consultations with pay

1. INDIVIDUAL consultation concerning your private life, health, questions of business, money, love, marriage, children, etc.

What you should do to have your OWN INDIVIDUAL consultation?

Please ONLY SEND me your

- name


- correctly and understandably formulated question;

- imprints of your palms.

Price - 10.$


2. COMPLETE prognosis of your destiny, including your PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE with REAL and EXACT dates and events!


What I need for doing YOUR complete prognosis?

I need ONLY:

- your name

- your age

- the imprints of your palms.

Price - 40.$


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