One who doesn't know the harbour he sails he never has the fair wind. Seneka.

Cheirology is the most ancient and the most universal or many-sided science about the Man. Primary predestined individual way of every man's life is           opened with the help of symbols and signs imprinted on the palms from the moment of the man's birth.

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  Cheirology will help you to avoid danger or accident, to go through inevitable losses, to be the master of your own destiny.

Vital success consists in possibility to foresee the next events and in possibility to use this information in time.

Fortune favours the brave!


Hands are the veritable and true face of the man! Open your palms, look at yourself in them and you will recognize your own truthful reflection.

One can see the most fruitful and successful periods of private life, health and career. But at the same time it is possible to see the years of instability and disappointment.

These all facts are on YOUR HANDS!

If you WISH to know any facts about your life, such as: - happiness in love; - good fortune in marriage; - the occupation which brings in the greatest income; - traumas and operations; etc. - ASK ADVICE OF EXPERT-CHEIROLOGYST!


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